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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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Your Permission Slip for Living On Your Own Terms (+ I’m moving!!)

April 1, 2016

Hey soul sisters!

I know it’s been awhile! 

There have been so many major life-altering changes happening for me, and I’m noticing my own tendency is to hide or not share until something feels complete or figured-out-enough to share with you.

How silly is THAT, when my deep intention is for you to share in the whole journey?! That includes the highs and lows — and to be able to shed some light on how you might shift your inner and outer game in all situations toward feminine leadership, and learn to access your innate feminine power, regardless of what lessons life has in store for you on the next leg of your unique soul’s journey.

My declaration right now, to you as my tribe, is that I will continue to do my best to resist the temptation to hide or isolate when it feels like things are imperfect, messy, chaotic, or unfinished.

I’d love for us all to embrace the whole journey FULLY + FEARLESSLY, and claim our FREEDOM — together.

So to catch you up, the exciting news first!

I am moving to Charleston, SC for 2 months … with no plan after! TOMORROW!

Some of you may think that’s totally wiggity-whack, but let me explain. 

I’ve been letting go of a lot of my “stuff” — physically, mentally, emotionally — and have a deep heart-knowing that it’s time for a change. A re-fresh in all areas of life + business. A streamlining. A re-evaluation of what REALLY matters to me. 

The quest to find my “soul home” as I like to call it — what I define as a place that feels like an external representation of my inner landscape, how I want to feel, and an extension of my soul essence — has been a huge piece of my vision for as long as I can remember. And I feel like I’ve finally found it in the historic charm and coastal beauty of Charleston! 

Feels like a huge celebration! Time to pop the bubbly and clink ALL the glasses!

It feels like this is the moment I’ve been working toward for my entire life — building this business that I absolutely love, working with women virtualy all over the world, so that I am location independent and able to move and travel freely, wherever and whenever I desire to.

I’ve been noticing, now that this is actually REAL, that some dormant beliefs have been popping up for me around whether I have permission to do this, at this point in time, and whether it is “okay” to live unconventionally, as I’ve always desired to. 

In the past few months, it’s become clear that conformity leads to intense rebellion for me. That I certainly DO NOT desire things at this point in my life like settling down, owning a home, staying in one place, or feeling confined in any way.

How appropriate that before I even knew this was happening, I chose to work with the Primal Goddess with the women in my sisterhood programs this month! She is all about wild, free, untamed, gypsy, sacred initatrix essence. Thanks, intuition!

In navigating this transition to a new chapter and phase of my life, I’ve had to give up second guessing, and DECIDE to be certain and trust myself to know what’s right for me, even when it doesn’t entirely make sense to my mind. Even (and especially) when my ego tries to tell me I don’t have enough money, or I will be alone, or that I’ll miss opportunities, or that I’ll ruin relationships, or that I’ll seem selfish to others. 

In short, preparing for this move to Charleston has brought up ALL THE SHIT. The mental chatter. The limiting beliefs. The fears. The uncertainty. 

It has brought me back into a recently unfamiliar space of second-guessing, playing small, and doubting. And I’ve had to consciously choose to recognize that these patterns are not in service to me, my future, my business, the women I serve, or the world at large. I’ve had to decide to take risks in order to create a life tha I’m proud to be living, every single day. And I’ve had to fully accept that I know absolutely NOTHING about what life has in store for me. 

The best way I can describe the way I’ve been feeling and experiencing this shift is like a detox — you know the feeling: you’re releasing and letting go of all the toxins, the things that hold you back or weigh you down from soaring and your greatest aliveness. 

All the while, you know that once you’re on the other side of the discomfort, which in my case will be when my car is fully packed, pedal to the floor, playlist bumpin’ loud, you’ll feel lighter, free, limitless, refreshed, and unbridled JOY. 

But the moments leading up to that ecstacy when you’re in the thick of feeling constricted, contracted, painful, taxing, hard, disappointment, overwhelm aren’t so euphoric.


It feels like an initiation, leading me deeper into truly living my own mission :: 

Will you rise?

Will you know and trust the deep truth that there’s expansion, magic and miracles waiting for you on the other side of the toughness?

Will you surrender, let go, and receive them?

Will you release the perceived need to know, to understand, and to control?

Will you just leap and allow the net to appear to catch you?

Will you stop talking about it and take inspired action when the opportunity presents itself?

Will you give yourself permission to go for it?


All these questions have been swirling around in my mind, and the answer that feels in integrity with my soul is a clear YES.

But the fears still ran wild. And I still needed to give myself permission to own and accept what I deeply desire. 

So I wrote down what was present from the Primal Goddess that lives within me. From my truth. From my soul. From my higher-self.

Here’s what came up for me. perhaps this resonates with you, too, sister?

My Wild Gypsy (Wo)Manifesto

i have permission to want what i want — how + when I want it.

i have permission to trust that my desires can be trusted. I allow myself to change my mind at any moment and trust my intuitive stirrings.

I can (and will) reinvent, reform, reshape, redirect, reignite, recreate, and revise.

I am fully allowed to be my most authentic self + to follow the beat of my soul’s unique rhythm — even (and especially) when I don’t fully understand it.

I grant myself unconditional love + approval to BE wild, untamed, free, unconventional, rebellious, ever-changing, transformed, sacred, misunderstood, consuming … an enigma. 

i fully savor + indulge in the beauty of the present moment. I luxuriate the experiences and lessons.

I freely allow myself to unsubscribe to any and all expectations from myself + others that dim my radiance and inner soulshine. 

I liberate myself from the norms, the shoulds, the confines, the rules, the past, the future, and what I thought I wanted or needed, trusting and surrendering to the universe to conspire in the greatest good.

I trust that the journey is unfolding effortlessly, beautifully, brilliantly, abundantly, + in divine perfection in front of me, — even when I can’t see where it starts, pauses, or ends. 

i unleash the flame of passion + sensuality within, connecting to myself and my surroundings.

I unlock my self-imposed shackles of the past with the key I’ve always held in my soul. 

I release the clutter, in all forms, from my life. 

I re-define what my soul’s authentic expression looks like in each moment. I am a powerful force of sacred creation.

I possess + leverage the capacity to be simultaneously wild + peaceful. 

I do things my own way — I tune into my heart-knowing and deep internal power source of feminine essence, activating this power to create new pathways to enlightenment and ecstacy.

I trust the process + wisdom of contraction preceding expansion + feel limitless through transition.

I am radiant fire, pulsing through the veins of humanity. I fuel my own life with ease. I am unconditionally supported.

I am light. I am love. I am unity. I am freedom. 


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below — what kind of transition are you experiencing right now? What about this post resonated most with you? What does your own brand of freedom look and feel like? 

Let’s join together in sisterhood to support each other’s expansion and greatest aliveness in the comments below. 



PS — Curious about working together?



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