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What Would Goddess Do?

November 28, 2016

WWGD = What Would Goddess Do?

Or in other words, what would Goddess have me do? How does the divine feminine desire to work through me today?

I am constantly asking myself this question lately, as I deepen into my constant practice (it’s an ever-evolving dance for us as humans) of trusting and surrendering, while fully showing up, being present and willing to do the work.

When I notice myself so deep in the flow of working that I’ve ignored my body’s need for food and movement … I check in.

When I realize I’m being too hard on myself … I check in.

When I notice myself getting distracted by other people’s definitions of success, or not being fully present and grateful for the success I’ve created already … I check in.

And anytime I check in, I just take a deep breath, get centered, feel my body firm and grounded and ask … WWGD?

Here’s what she tells me today:
– slow down and make space
– honor your primal needs and give to yourself first, so that you can truly be of service to others
– gratitude magnetizes your desires and allows you to be flooded with presence

What is Goddess saying to YOU today, love? I’d love to know what insights surface for you as you take some space to slow down and tune in today, in the comments below.

Love + Light, 


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