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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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This Is What Happened When I Decided Not To Work On the Weekend

April 16, 2018

I recently discovered a list in an old journal of mine from January of 2015, when I was new to being full-time in my business, working from home. 

At that time, I had been so uncomfortable with vacant space on my calendar during “work days” that I found any and every excuse to “work” constantly.

It’s kind of funny to me now, because in retrospect, I only had a handful of clients, and could have totally enjoyed all that spaciousness and time freedom in a beautiful way, instead of resisting it and filling up the space with minutia!

I had made a list in my journal to remind myself of the magic that happens when we actually create intentional space to NOT work as entrepreneurs.

It can be SO easy to use work and our business as an avoidance tactic, coping mechanism, or even an addiction to mask uncomfortable feelings, situations, and patterns we don’t want to look at (ignorance is bliss, right?). 

It’s really easy to hide inside our businesses, because it’s socially acceptable to be an ambitious workaholic, it’s easy to justify because everything feels important, and being “busy” is both exhausting and impressive to outsiders. 

But I remember what it feels like to sit behind your computer screen (or whatever you’re working on) and be anxiously creating, researching, & posting on social media…and it’s NOT fun. 

It definitely does NOT feel sexy, or soulful, or like true success to me (and probably you too?)!

Here is my bullet pointed list, straight from my journal over 3 years ago, about what happened when I decided to step away from the laptop, turn off technology, & actually exercise the freedom I created for myself.

  • Set up a beautiful brunch with friends – sooo nourishing!
  • Attended an impromptu music festival
  • Food prepped healthy meals for the week ahead
  • Went grocery shopping to Whole Foods (instead of the grocery store closest to me that doesn’t have as great quality of food) 
  • Spent some relaxed time by myself to just BE
  • Cleaned my whole apartment + lit candles – now it feels like a sanctuary!
  • Cuddled with my puppy, undisturbed
  • Did all the dishes
  • Cleaned out the fridge
  • Watched a few episodes of Parenthood on Netflix
  • Spent quality time with my partner
  • Was present with and contributed to my sister circle
  • Listened to a soul music playlist on Spotify and danced with my puppy
  • Took the pup for a gorgeous long walk
  • Bought + gifted my partner his own “magic box” to place his dreams + desires in – I usually am “too busy” to remember that he has needs to, and to go out of my way to do something special for him. By gifting him this box, I’m inviting him on this journey of growth with me so that we feel more connected & he gets to experience the magic I’m experiencing for himself, too!

It was such a beautiful and divinely timed reminder for me to rediscover this list, and I hope it helps you to remember the magic & beauty that awaits you, too, when you step away from your desk to live the life you’ve created for yourself. 

I doubt that any of us started our own businesses so that we could feel chained to a desk all day, working from 9-5, just like whatever position we walked away from to pursue a dream!

But the conditioning is STRONG, and it’s not a linear path to change and re-wire your brain from employee work-horse to bad ass boss lady!

Remember to step away + go play today 🙂 You deserve it, sister.

If you’re feeling like your path to building your business has felt like a hard hustle to create results & you pride yourself on being “busy” all the time, I’d love to invite you to apply for The Soulful Leadership Mastermind. 

The mastermind is a 6-month journey for 12 ambitious women entrepreneurs to create more time + financial freedom, shift from hustle to flow, master their mission + message, & channel their over-achieving tendencies to work for them instead of against them. 

You can learn more + apply to join us by May 1st here.

Love + Light, 


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