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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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Through It | TIME | Q + A Episode

December 28, 2021

“The truth is, you’ve created your life + you have the power to change it.” -Emily Cassel

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In this week’s episode of Like Nobody’s Business, Emily answers your burning questions regarding TIME.

We explore topics such as boundary setting, creating a spacious schedule, + making time for friends, family, self-care, + business.

Join Emily as she explores actionable strategies + mindset shifts so that we can get THROUGH IT together.


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