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Simple Wellness for The Adventurous Soul: Sister Spotlight + Cooking Class Encore with Tera Geishauser!

October 23, 2015

Hi, beautiful!

Today, we’re getting resourceful!

Back in August, I was feeling GOOD. Like, REALLY GOOD. Better than I ever have before good.

I was more energized than ever before, totally in love with my business, feeling both peaceful and excited, confident in my life and mission, in integrity with and accountable for completing my healthy rituals, and totally free and fulfilled. 

One of my core beliefs is that the way we take care of ourselves is in direct proportion to the impact we’re able to create in the world, making today’s post a SUPER important one.

Back in August, I participated in my soul-sister Tera Geishauser’s test group for her new signature program, Homegrown.

During this 2-week health re-set, we eliminated all refined sugars, and focused on moving our bodies for a set amount of time each day, checking in with the community of likeminded, adventurous souls on the same journey in the program. 

It’s important for you to know that the unique brilliance Tera brings to the world is her ability to empower you to make sustainable decisions, both for yourself and society, through being a beacon of light and a wellspring of resources for all things holistic health. 

“My mission is to show people that health can be fun, exciting, naturally easy, and really affordable.” – Tera Geishauser

Tera has helped so many people shift their mindset around healthy living, to the empowering belief that it can be sustainable and doesn’t have to equate with deprivation. Not in the slightest! During the cleanse, I felt satiated and full. Thinking back, there was actually not a moment where I had been craving anything because my body was already so nourished by the high quality whole foods I was eating. 

“I consider myself a realistic naturalist … It’s all a game, and it’s just a matter of how we choose to play it.” – Tera Geishauser

Fall is actually a perfect time to cleanse and hit re-start on your health patterns, creating new ones that are in service to your greatest aliveness. 

If you’re ready to join Tera’s sustainable health revolution, click the button below to learn more about Homegrown and to sign up for this powerful and transformative 4-week journey for just $75! 

You only have a few days left to join, since the program begins on October 26th!

So get your sweet buns over to her website and learn more about the Homegrown experience! 🙂  

PS – I’ve seen and participated in many health coaching programs myself, and this is by far the BEST value you will find with the MOST support and the MOST FUN! 

To formally introduce you to Tera in an up-close and personal, sisterly way, I invited her to hop onto the Sisterhood Spotlight Series with me and talk about her philosophy, journey, and new program.

I’m also throwing it back to a time last month that Tera and I collaborated to bring you a virtual cooking class for a super healthy, nourishing, simple, and seasonal zucchini pasta dish! Yum Yum! Check it out below and cook with us!

Can’t wait for you to vibe with Tera’s special and soulful spirit today, loves!

Don’t forget to go check out her new program, Homegrown, launching October 26! 

Have a beautiful, nourishing weekend!

Love + Light, 


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