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Shining On + Off the Mat with Veronique Ory

October 17, 2022

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Guest Bio:

Veronique Ory is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with a passion for storytelling and creative movement. With unique sequences, she invites her students to carry their yoga practice on and off the mat. 

Her new book, Shine On & Off The Mat (BookBaby, October 31, 2022), is a one-of-a-kind interactive yoga book that syncs its storytelling up with playlists, on-demand classes, journal prompts and photos all while taking the reader through a supported self-paced yoga journey. With Shine On & Off The Mat, Veronique leads readers to denormalize stress as a part of daily life, helping them get out of their minds and into their bodies, and shine their light regardless of their level of experience. 

Veronique emphasizes that yoga is an individual journey for both student and instructor, that everyone has their own way of feeling their best. However, Shine On & Off The Mat, can also be used within a community, creating a bonding experience for family, friends or colleagues who choose to do the interactive guides together and hold one another accountable. 

As a yoga teacher, Veronique guides her students on a path that is balanced between effort and ease where they can embrace challenges while still feeling supported; ever evolving, ever growing. She believes in the power of a tailored yoga experience, showing up to each session as a blank canvas to create a sense of “newness” every time. Her passion is to dispel the idea of not having enough time to practice mindfulness within yoga, but rather a bite sized approach that is both accessible and attainable. She describes her yoga style as timeless, unique, and relatable for all who are on their journey of self inquiry. 

Veronique is originally from Montreal, Quebec, and studied theater at Russell Sage College in New York, where she discovered yoga as a way to calm her mind and elevate her practice. As a RYT, she completed over 500 hours of training through Yoga Alliance and conducts private and  on-demand classes, in addition to yoga retreats. Veronique instructs remote and in-person classes inspired by the setting and inspirational themes of her clients. She is continually challenging her beliefs, continuing to practice self-study, and accrue new knowledge. Veronique currently lives in Vero Beach, Florida, where she enjoys reading, practicing yoga with her dog, Bowery, and sharing her passions about recycling and taking care of the environment. For more information, please visit

In this episode we discuss:

  • Veronique’s evolution from surviving as the founder of a Nonprofit theatre company to thriving as a yoga instructor, retreat leader, + author in just a few short years
  • How Veronique is unconventionally making yoga accessible to as many people as possible
  • The innovative approach she took to creating + publishing her new interactive yoga book 
  • How Veronique’s yoga practice and the principles of yoga off the mat have confidently carried her through BIG life changes and career transitions while staying centered and grounded

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On Instagram at: @veroniqueory

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