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I'm Emily Cassel

An East-Coast Soulful Business + Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Sacred Space Holder, Traveler and expert at supporting women ready to translate their soul callings into profitable, impact-driven businesses that change the world.

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In This Episode… In this episode, Emily is joined by Elsa Elbert, founder of Composed Living, who has a passion for helping people discover the many benefits of living a clutter-free, organized life. The two discuss tips for working from home optimally, subconscious beliefs about money + business, how consciously choosing what’s in our physical […]

The Power of Organization with Elsa Elbert

In This Episode… Have you ever wondered what you’re TRULY here on this planet to do, be, or create? In this episode of Sexy Soulful Success, Emily is joined by write + life purpose coach, Misty Sansom, all the way from New Zealand! The two share a powerful conversation, and discuss the difference between your […]

Finding Your Life’s Purpose with Misty Sansom

In This Episode… In this episode, Emily is joined by The Core Expert, Jessica Schatz, an LA-based Master Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and wellness coach, who serves people of all skill levels across the globe! The two discuss the challenges of self-love and achievement, the mind-body-spirit connection, ways we disconnect from the core […]

Moving Through Challenge with The Core Expert, Jessica Schatz

In This Episode… In this episode, Emily is joined by Sequoia Mulgrave, founder of Daily Mode Studio, whose mission is to teach entrepreneurs & business owners to lead greater authentic communities while growing their income. The two discuss e-mail marketing, how to create a lead magnet that converts, how to create your signature method of […]

Growing Your Audience + Income with Sequoia Mulgrave

In This Episode… In this episode, Emily is joined by Nikki Arensman, Brand Designer + Strategist to discuss her journey of entrepreneurship, motherhood, & becoming an aligned leader. The two discuss Nikki’s journey from her first job working for a start-up in NYC, starting her yoga apparel business Jiva Active in Florida, & the epiphany […]

Courageous Pivots + Leading Your Business in Alignment with Nikki Arensman

In This Episode… Emily is joined by Laurie Gerber, Handel Method Coach on a mission to better the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. In this episode, Laurie shares why we lie so much as humans, how secret-keeping effects us, and what to do about it. The two also […]

Power-up Your Communication with Laurie Gerber

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