The feminine approach to bringing your business vision to life by working smarter, doing less, and allowing it to be easeful

How to decode your soul's messages, guidance, + wisdom in your business (and life)

Leading a soul-fueled business + life as an evolutionary entrepreneur 

How to avoid burnout + overwhelm through implementing The Sustainable Business Cycle 

How to create consistent momentum + meaningful action in your business without feeling overly rigid 

Navigating our personal + professional expansion as we launch, grow, and scale our businesses 

How to be more productive without working harder, doing more, or stressing yourself out

Shifting out of exhausting hustle & into enlivening freedom, flow, + fulfillment


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Emily Cassel is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, international retreat leader, champion of women, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible.

With a background in Positive Psychology, sustainability, and spirituality, Emily is devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world.

Driven by the belief that when a woman embraces and expresses her deepest soul calling, becomes a leader of her life and business, and does it in a way that's sustainable, we create a more harmonious future for ourselves, each other, and our world, Emily gathers & grows both aspiring + established women entrepreneurs through her signature coaching experiences.

She is the creator of The Soulful Business Academy, The Business Alchemy Circle, + The Soulful Leadership Mastermind. 



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