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The Sisterhood Spotlight Series: Gut Guidance, Intuition, + Embodiment with Jaclyn Wallach

September 29, 2015

Hello, sisters!

I’m so excited to be sharing another powerful Sisterhood Spotlight interview with you today! I had the gorgeous opportunity to interview the lovely Jaclyn Wallach a few weeks ago, and cannot wait to share the magic of this video with you. 

My sister Jaclyn is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, who brings so much juicy goodness to the world around her as a fully embodied healer, and wise woman of intuition and gut guidance. 

I see Jaclyn as a beautiful conduit for the divine for herself and others. She is a very special soul – a shining light of wisdom, love, sisterhood, and faith. Through her work, she weaves a beautiful tapestry of the magic of the spiritual and human experiences. 

She is a true weaver of these two constructs and belief systems — she melds the science and woo-woo in such a harmonious way, I can’t help but be captivated by her words and her powerful work! 

This type of intuitive guidance is an integral part of the new paradigm of feminine leadership that I teach my clients how to integrate and embody in their lives, work, and businesses. 

Truly trusting ourselves is hard for all of us. 

But the truth is, the only reason we struggle in life/work/business is because we do things the way other people tell us we should, instead of fully trusting ourselves to know what truly makes us come alive.

This is the power of what Jaclyn’s work contributes to the new paradigm of feminine leadership that is so necessary to deeply transform our world right now. 

So for any of you (and I know there are a TON of you, because I get this question all the time!) who want to learn how to make better and clearer decisions, live abundantly, tune into your intuition, and live soulfully, this interview is for you!

In this interview, Jaclyn leads us through a beautiful demonstration and guided meditation for accessing our intuition, that we can use every single day, multiple times a day, to tap into our inner wisdom and deepest truth so we can fully live our purpose and truly make it our business. 

Click the video below to watch, then leave a comment below this post, telling us what you learned from Jaclyn’s brilliance! 🙂 

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Can’t wait to connect with you in the comments below, beauties!

Have a wonder-filled week!

Love + Light, 


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