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Lessons from the Goddess of Love

March 2, 2016

Hey, love! 

Welcome to March! One of my favorite months … because it’s my birthday month! Hooray, celebrations and gatherings of friends!

This past month, as we studied and played with the Goddess of Love for our February theme in a few of the sister circles I run, soooo many lessons emerged. 

One of the most IMPORTANT lessons for me was SPACIOUSNESS

Maybe you can relate… 

I tend to have a pretty nasty habit of cramming A LOT into my schedule. An unmanageable amount. And then I end up feeling burnt out, drained, exhausted, and not bringing my best self to anything I do. 

Sound familiar? Maybe you’re guilty of this, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Either way, I was SO guilty of this in February. I found myself uninspired and stretched too thin, over-booked, and under-energized, not realizing just how much energy was required of me to truly deliver at the level I would like to on all fronts.

Whoops. Sorry about that, self. 

Funny though, that the lessons from the Goddess of Love were of course exactly what I needed to learn and witness in my life this month in order to reconnect with myself, my desires, my sisters, my purpose, and my soul. Woo! 

I can’t wait to begin next week exploring the essence of The Primal Goddess, with her fierce and fiery Shakti, Mama Gaia energy! Wild women, unite ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure that this archetype will bring so many much needed and empowering lessons!

If you’re still interested in joining me and a tribe of inspired conscious women next week in the Embodied Goddess Sisterhood program, or know of any women who would love this experience, please click here to learn more and reserve your spot in circle. 

Here are the 12 lessons I learned this month from the Goddess of Love: 

1) Self-love trumps all love — if I’m not giving myself the space, freedom, and boundaries that I need to be able to feel fulfilled first and foremost, I’ll never be able to show up for others, create an impact, or do anything well.

2) I crave a lot of alone time and freedom for myself — I desire to live by my own rules more than I ever realized. I’ve learned that actually I don’t really ever want to live in a “house” — apartments are preferable for me so I can focus more on what I want to do versus upkeep of an entire home and I feel less tied down financially and geographically.

3) Even when it seems like we’re being presented with the “same” thing again in our journeysit’s really new because we are now different — we have shifted and changed and we are a different version of ourselves — than we were the last go ’round. And perhaps we’re just more able to learn the lesson now than we were before. Beautiful.

4) I learn through experience to deeply integrate and embody the truth in the lessons I receive — I’m not the type of person who can take someone’s word for it or learn from other’s experiences. I own my journey, and will continue to trust and love all parts of it, even when it feels hard or constrictive, or impossible or strange or imperfect.

5) Sometimes we have to just surrender it all, trust, and have new experiences that teach us so much about ourselves, our lives, our past, our future… We can’t necessarily plan for them, and may we always welcome the lessons with open hearts and minds. Our souls know exactly what to do and what we need to receive to grow most.

6) I desire unconditional love, patience, compassion, kindness, respect, getting lost in beautiful everyday moments, flow, ease, magic, being fully present and engaged in the present moment, faith (in myself, others, and the universe’s support), trust that things will always work out in our favor), sacred liberation, + freedom in all areas of my life and business.

7) I presently feel called to love myself up sooooo much and give myself the life of my dreams in a new way than I have in the past. I don’t feel obligated to follow suit on someone else’s dreams. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds! wink emoticon

8) The “shoulds” that we make mental agreements with create murky perceptions of what’s real and true. And when we think we fulfilled all the “shoulds,” the truth emerges … and it’s never what we expected it to be!

9) Life is just sooooo funny sometimes! When the things happen that can throw us off course, we can always choose to smile and laugh about it instead of getting derailed.

10) I can be more flexible, gentle, and compassionate than I ever thought possible with myself. I can reschedule like a crazy person. I can push back deadlines. I can move things around like a puzzle until it fits and feels most right. I can give myself SPACE instead of giving in to the urge to fit it all in or do it all. I can create extensions. I can ask for support and help. I can.

11) Sisterhood …. is magic. And awesome. And I just freaking love it. Women are powerful sorceresses that have the capacity to create human life. I am endlessly in awe and wonder. I wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t consistently surround myself with conscious women who are so authentic and ambitious. I love you!

12) I NEED to create stability for myself in the form of rituals and self-care so that I feel my own foundation so firmly rooted, regardless of what’s happening around me. I will stand grounded and peaceful no matter what is happening in the external world when I create space and prioritize this above all else. I want to deepen into my own work, my own well-being, my own self-care at a new level.

Can’t wait for you to experience the magic of the Goddesses soon, too

Love + Light,


PS — If you know a woman in your life who would LOVE the Embodied Goddess Sisterhood program, I’d be so honored and grateful if you forward her this e-mail and let her know about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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