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Surprise: Everything Is Perfect!

October 6, 2015

Did you know that everything in your life is perfect, just the way it is, right now, without changing anything at all?

Without doing more, or better, or differently?

I bet that takes a lot of pressure off, huh? Such a relief! 

Are you aware that each moment of your life has been divinely orchestrated, so that you are led to the people and the lessons that will help you grow into more of who you are meant to become?

(It’s actually WAY more perfect than you could every “try” to make it with your human brain, which has a construct of what perfection “should” look like)

And that the person you’re meant to become is really just YOU, as you are right now, in your truth, without all the layers of fear and external judgements the human world has placed upon you, and that you’ve accepted on a conscious and subconscious level?

Let’s call that version of you your soul essence moving forward.

Your essence is pure love, which is the only reality, the only truth, that exists. 

Every challenge, hardship, heart-break, procrastination, resistance, and icky feeling has occurred to lead you back to this place of essence.

You were born with this soul essence, and reconnecting with it is the primary objective.

In other words, becoming a conduit through your soul for all the love + light that needs to be brought into this world is your greatest accomplishment.

Just being an open channel for all that is good to flow through you and out into the world through your work, creative expression, love, relationships, and energy. 

You probably didn’t know this fact until today. That’s perfect, too.

It’s perfect that you’re here, so you can begin to truly listen in.

In the past, you’ve been interpreting these seeming “failures” as things to avoid.

You’ve been thinking that if these have happened to you that you are in some way broken, or less than. But you are already whole, and can start to really FEEL that way when you know the truth, which comes in the form of soul connection.

From this place of essence, you will be able to know, with a deeper knowing than you have ever experienced before, what the next step is on your journey of growth and contribution.

You will know what your soul has come here for — your unique purpose; your unique interpretation and process of what it means to be an open channel for the goodness to flow through you and out into the world.

THIS is true heart-centered, feminine, visionary leadership.

You will know how to feed yourself and love your body.

You will know who you are meant to spend more time with — and who you are meant to spend much less time with.

You will know everything you’ve ever wanted to know because your essence — your soul — will tell you, whenever you ask her.

You’ll know where to travel, what to wear, what music to listen to, which flowers to buy.

You will know what to share with the world, and what your special gifts are.

You’ll know all of this because of the way each of these things makes you FEEL.

If a choice is not in service of your greatest aliveness, i.e. doesn’t make you FEEL good, there’s a better option for you.

Go play, and be open. It will come. Trust. But never try to control it or hold on too tight to what you think it should look like. Let the answer be what it is.

Without this peeling away of the external layers, you wouldn’t be able to know this. At least not here, on the human plane of existence. 

Everything is profound. Everything is perfect. Everything that you experience, you have created and called in for a reason. And that reason is oh so simple, love.

The reason is to become more of who you already are, deep within your core. To become an embodied form of soul-level love.

And from this place, you stand in your power and greatness, and help other people do the same.

You create more beauty in everything you touch. You create magic in the mundane. You bring intention into reality. You create anything you wish to create because you’ve become embodied in your true, higher self, and like attracts like. Light attracts light. Love attracts love. And so on. 

You are unstoppable. You are limitless. You are on a mission to share your gifts and love with the whole world. You are luxurious. 

You are vibrant, radiant, glowing expansion.

You are fully yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. You just ARE. No judgment.

It’s not always an easy task to be in constant connection with your soul and feel effortlessly guided. It’s a practice. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and our world would look a lot different, right? 

So this week, let’s focus on BEING that instead of DOING more or DOING better. There is no “better” — because you are already perfect. And so is your life. 

The only work you need to do right now is just learn to see it that way, and to live in alignment with this deep, luscious truth.

And so it is. 

Love + Light, 


PS — Ready for a shift and a new perspective? Ready to truly BE the change? Ready to have this deep soulful connection with yourself and live with effortless guidance? I’m here to help.

Schedule a 30-minute call with me today. It’s easy – trust me.

Click HERE for access to my calendar so we can schedule a time to chat that works best for you, love. I can’t wait! 

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