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Living Life Fully with Elli Richter

January 22, 2019

About Elli

Born and raise in Germany, Elli has been a Healer and Coach for 21 years.

She studied Physio Therapy in Germany, a combo degree of Physical Therapy, Massage, Athletic Training, and Chiropractic.

After immigrating, her degree was not tranferred, so she became an Entrepreneur by default and created a successful Holistic Personal training Business.

While completing her Yoga Teacher Training, she went back to school at the college of Charleston for health education and Exercise Physiology.

Driven by the desire to help people transform from grief, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and soft addictions, she started to study alternative approaches, and completed her Ayurveda Training, and Certification In Lifestyle Design.

In addition to a thriving coaching practice, she has teamed up with Caryn O Hara to bring uplifting and healing events to the community. 

She coaches 1-1, does corporate coaching and mindfulness workshops, leads retreats, workshops, and weekly Yoga and meditation classes.

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