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Creating a Kind Company with Shawnna Stiver

December 4, 2018

About Shawnna

Shawnna Stiver is the founder of Kind Co. a media company focused on highlighting the power of positivity, one kind moment at a time. Kind Co. exists to honor mission-focused companies and people by facilitating awareness, creating a single platform for collaboration, and educating those who wish to empower our people and preserve our planet. Thousands of companies have roots based in kindness and with so much media clogging our lives, it can be overwhelming to find the good in everyday noise. With so much at stake, Kind Co. works to cut through the negativity and help to offer a clear path to a more positive future.

Shawnna discovered her entrepreneurial calling after getting her master’s degree from Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) in communication leadership, and a job rejection compelled her to use her gift of writing toward a more meaningful purpose. She also earned an undergraduate degree from Drake in magazine journalism and another degree from Simpson College in corporate communication.

Shawnna currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa, but plans to move near the ocean later this year. She dreams about someday owning a tiny house and launching a podcast telling the stories of individuals making a difference in the lives of others.



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