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Changing It Up with Nina Antinora

November 27, 2018

About Nina

Nina has always been a producer— a doer— a MANIFESTOR!

Over the past 22 years, Nina Antinora has worn many hats. She graduated top of her class from

Seton Hall University for Communication Studies and credentialed as a professional, personal,

and confidence coach, as well as a mindfulness practitioner (IAHT global member).

Nina started off her career in the TV biz. Then, transitioned into the corporate events arena—

leading massive production, creative, and cross-functional strategic teams for global Fortune

500 companies. Along the way, she traveled to over 15 countries developing countless

marketing, training, e-learning and coaching programs. She also ran her own agency prior to

launching Change It Up, as well as founded the non-profit— AGFS Foundation and has been an entrepreneur for over two decades.

Through Nina’s diverse career journey, she found that her greatest gifts and passion reside in

her connections with people. She’s happiest and at her best when she’s sharing her experiences

and strategies to inspire and motivate others to achieve greater success and experience more

daily joy.

Her passion for learning, growing and sharing is the backbone of—well, everything! It was

though a light was turned on shining a clear path to her own True North and she couldn’t

ignore it and there was certainly no going back.

Nina’s fundamental principles are based on her training, personal experience and business

expertise, but most certainly rooted in mindfulness. Since launching Change It Up, she’s had the

privilege of working with countless women around the world one-on-one, hosting nationwide

group events and in leading self-development topic-driven WalkingWorkshopsTM and

TrailChatsTM in SoCal.

She also teaches her corporate clients soft skills and communication strategies, along with one-

on-one executive/performance coaching and group facilitation. Nina is currently developing e-

courses, as well as collaborating with other beautiful inspiring souls who share the same vision

and passion.

This is more of a calling than a job for Nina! She is truly living the life she’s craved since she was

a child. And, firmly believes that you are never too old and it’s never too late to make a




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