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Ancestral Proof That You’re Supposed to Be Here with Jaclyn Wallach

November 13, 2018

About Jaclyn

Jaclyn Wallach is a Genealogical Researcher & Storyteller who believes we are ALL supposed to be here. Jaclyn is a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Through experience, online trainings and conferences, Jaclyn has built her skills as a genealogist.  With a keen eye for researching and a heart for creating authentic connections, Jaclyn guides her clients to weave their family story through genealogical research in a way that reveals there’s more to us that meets the eye. We each have a lineage and family that came before us (and even after us) in order for us to be exactly who we are today.  

When she’s not researching, Jaclyn loves to explore gardens and old estates; play with her #fosterfail cat, Rue; do yoga; hike with her fiancé; travel; learn new languages (or at least cool words); and watch Friends on repeat. 





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