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Tuning In with Norma Rubio

May 3, 2018

About Norma

Through a long-winding journey Norma has landed upon her true calling; sharing the practices of mindfulness, meditation, & self-compassion. At her core, Norma has always longed to deepen her own experiences through meditation. Through her training in UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, she evolved into a meditation teacher and guide. Norma has also been trained in the Mindful Self-Compassion & Mindful School’s curricula. Her greatest intention is to cultivate a safe and authentic environment for others to become closer to who they really are through the practices of self-compassion & meditation. She believes we all have the wisdom inside ourselves to heal and become more at ease in our busy lives. Throughout her demanding career as a tv producer/writer in news and entertainment, she discovered great freedom through meditation. She is honored to be sharing her love for it through her speaking, coaching, in-person workshops & classes.

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