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Being Soul Happy with Aimee Eoff

April 12, 2018


About Aimee

Aimee Epperson Eoff is a spiritual visionary of intuition, truth, and empowerment planting light seeds in the world.Her work is about inspiring others to see themselves as the capable, luminous being they are and to live life intuitively empowered which radiates out to the world creating consciousness and harmonious impact.

She believes when we live intuitively, we experience more clarity, joy, and alignment which affects our families, communities and the world.

Aimee is the founder of Soul Happy offering intuitive readings, soul-coaching, and mentorship programs. You can read her soul perspective articles on HuffPost, Basmati Magazine, listen to podcast interviews, attend speaking engagements, as well as dive into her online courses at Brave Girl University.

Aimee’s radio show, Soul Happy Life, is featured on the global News For The Soul radio where she offers energetic, spiritual perspectives and insight with live callers, guest interviews, and teaching series.

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