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An East-Coast Soulful Business + Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Sacred Space Holder, Traveler and expert at supporting women ready to translate their soul callings into profitable, impact-driven businesses that change the world.

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Surrender Your Way To Success [Part 1]

April 15, 2021

In this episode…

There have been so many things in the last year commonly thought of as not possible or really hard to achieve. In this episode, Emily wants to share with you how she decided that no matter what, she would approach to bring her vision to life and stay on course but also let things take their own path as an experiment. She wants to show you how deciding to surrender even more + let go + trust more, led her to really see what could be possible. She will share with you a 9 Steps Cycle for you to create everything you want, to inspire & reinvigorate you. You’ll walk away with a clear vision, energizing + specific next steps, + the ability to honor what is happening within you and around you, while staying devoted to your vision.

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