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Creating a Purposeful Career with Emily Eliza Moyer

November 2, 2020

In This Episode…

In this episode, Emily is joined by Intuitive Career Strategist, Emily Eliza Moyer! The two discuss the importance of knowing your work matters, remembering that you always have the answers, how to navigate career changes amidst the pandemic, spirituality as a valuable asset in the corporate world, and the difference between your career and your purpose.

About Emily

Emily Eliza Moyer is an Intuitive Career Strategist focused on helping ambitious women overcome limiting beliefs, uncover their purpose and craft strategic career plans so they can build careers they absolutely love. Previously, she served as the Head of Sales & Marketing for a VC-backed travel startup, leading a team of 30 remote workers based all over the world. Her approach rooted in both Eastern philosophy & ancient wisdom and Western organizational strategy has been featured in online publications such as NBC News, The Muse, and Forbes.

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