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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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Standing Out In A Crowded Marketplace with Patty Dominguez

July 13, 2020

In This Episode…

If you’ve ever struggled to position your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace among hundreds or thousands of “competitors,” this episode is a MUST LISTEN! Emily is joined by Patty Dominguez, who supports coaches, service-providers, + solopreneurs to position themselves as experts in their fields and to niche in a way that is authentic and maintains their authentic personality. In this episode, the two discuss how to establish a Category of One in your industry, how to embrace the “new normal” as business is rapidly evolving in accordance with current events, the differences between marketing strategies and tactics, how to incite curiosity when speaking about your business, & how to know which of the 3P’s your business falls under and how to effectively market accordingly! If you want to know how to truly stand out, eliminate your competition, and truly ENJOY leading your business, tune in!

About Patty

Patty is an enthusiastic seasoned professional with a successful track record and expertise in business strategy, coaching and consulting. She has worked with Fortune 50 and the SMB market to build a footprint online and offline.

Her superpower is conducting business strategy sessions to help refine your positioning and help you find those “drill sites” of possibility for growth in your business.

She is also a Positioning Marketing Strategist, bringing her long tenure of Fortune 50 and Consulting experience, having managed just under a billion USD in spending over her twenty years in Corporate, bringing marketing strategies that work.

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Instagram: @pattydominguez_

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