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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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Attention Management with Maura Nevel Thomas

February 25, 2020

In This Episode…

In this episode, Emily is joined by Maura Nevel Thomas, award-winning international speaker, trainer, and author on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely cited authority on attention management. The two discuss why attention management is more effective than time management, what happens when we aren’t managing our attention well, how to set yourself up for your most productive day, and why workflow management processes are SO vital. They also discuss Maura’s signature Empowered Productivity System and their favorite tools for staying organized and in flow.

About Maura

Productivity expert and author of Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity – Every Day

Maura Nevel Thomas is an award-winning international speaker, trainer and author on improving productivity and work-life balance. The most widely cited authority on attention management, she helps driven individuals and organizations manage their attention to regain control over the details of their life and work.

After studying productivity methodologies worldwide for more than two decades, Maura realized many traditional “time management” principles no longer apply to modern life. Her new book, Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity – Every Day (Simple Truths, September 2019), reveals how to ditch traditional time management tactics and break free from the distractions of daily life.

Attention management is a key principle of Maura’s Empowered Productivity System, a workflow management system that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and helps unleash your genius. Combining proven productivity techniques with emerging information on attention, distraction, neuroscience, technology development, and behavioral change, the Empowered Productivity System is a methodical approach to overcoming the constant distractions of modern life that contribute to professional burnout. Maura has trained tens of thousands of individuals at thousands of diverse organizations, including the U.S. Army, Dell, and Opus One Winery, to achieve greater results through her proprietary system.

Maura is regularly featured as a productivity and attention management expert in a variety of national business outlets including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, US News and World Report, and The Huffington Post. She is also a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review where her articles have been viewed more than a million times.

Maura grew up in a suburb north of Boston and earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Today, she’s based in Austin, Texas, where she offers her time and productivity expertise to a variety of different community organizations and charities. She is a TEDx speaker and author of Personal Productivity Secrets and Work Without Walls. Learn more at

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