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Post-Traumatic Growth + Soul-Aligned Leadership with Jennifer Watson

September 17, 2019


About Jennifer

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C. is a dynamic motivational speaker with a gift for intuitive and visionary coaching. She is an expert in self-empowerment, mental wellness, post-trauma growth and leadership mastery.

She is passionate and honored to help those achieve their own greatness with authenticity, grace and class. As a former collegiate athlete and current integrative physical therapist, coach, speaker and entrepreneur, she is ecstatic to share a message of strength, courage and hope against mountain tops that may seem unattainable. With 18 years experience in business and leadership management and health + wellness advocacy, she inspires those to unleash their potential and performance in all areas of their life.


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Instagram- @jenniferwatsonleadership
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LinkedIn: jenniferwatsonleadership


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