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Improving Our World Through Business with Cherie Hoeger, Saalt Co-founder

September 10, 2019

About Cherie

Cherie Hoeger is the co-founder of Saalt, a period care company with the mission to modernize reusable and sustainable period care. In 2018 she and co-founder Amber Fawson launched their flagship product—the Saalt period cup—with the dream of making periods better for women and girls in the United States and across the globe. Leading Saalt’s social impact efforts, Cherie began networking with charities to provide their period cups to underprivileged girls and women so they could confidently manage their periods, stay in school, and lift themselves out of poverty. After just over a year in business, Saalt has donated thousands of cups in over a dozen countries to improve period care and create a wave of informed cup users who then act as mentors for other donation recipients. Before starting Saalt, Cherie had been an entrepreneur in several former ventures as well as a technical writer with 15 years of publication experience. Most recently, she helped co-author 7 editions of collegiate textbooks in the field of fitness & wellness. Cherie is the mother of 5 daughters, and considers them her greatest success.


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