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Sacred Self Care :: Laundry Edition!

April 3, 2018

Hey love! 

This post isn’t about growing your business, but something I believe in deeply is taking care of WHOLE selves in a way that feels sacred, nourishing, and beautiful. 

One of the ways I’ve personally been taking impeccable care of myself is through greening my cleaning in my home, and making almost all of my own cleaning products using essential oils + other household items that I keep on hand (except for a few all natural, non-toxic solutions I’ve purchased from the store and am using the last of)! 

In this video, I walk you through…

  • My favorite SUPER easy recipe for DIY laundry detergent that’s all natural + non-toxic
  • The facts behind the chemicals in store bought laundry detergents
  • The science behind why essential oils are so powerful & healing
  • How I customize mine to smell like Anthropologie!
  • PLUS a couple other tips for my favorite DIY solutions for beauty, women’s health, + household items!


Article on 10 Dirty Facts about Laundry Detergent

My Amazon Shop to order your Dr. Bronner’s soap, wool dryer balls, + The Essential Life book

Order doTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils (or e-mail me directly at to set up a call to discuss your health concerns & needs so I can make some personal recommendations for you!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video, sisters!

Pop some suggestions in the COMMENTS below with additional questions, desires, or suggestions on videos you’d like to see about sacred self-care, essential oils, or other topics you’d love to hear me talk about! 🙂

Love + Light, 


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