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Intentional Communication Creates Sisterhood

January 19, 2017

I’m noticing something REALLY interesting happening in conversations with women on social media, e-mail, and even in person that I do NOT see in sacred sisterhood and in the groups of women I lead or have been a part of.

What I’m seeing is that there’s a harshness, a rigidity in the communication between women. There’s an imbalance of “matter-of-factness” and compassion. There’s a lack of love and possibility in these conversations. That there’s a “black and white” thinking that creates separation and mistrust between women.

This is what happens when we are conditioned by our society, culture, and world to believe that in order to be “successful,” we must be superior, and therefore “different.” And how wise of the patriarchy to divide us and pit us against one another, since we cannot rise as separate entities, but only as a strong collective. Women who are connected are threatening to the patriarchy, because 15 women can easily take down a tiger or a male predator, no matter how big and strong he is.

But I whole-heartedly believe in a new paradigm where we embody love, and speak to one another as equals, and truly see each other wholly and powerfully as sisters. And I do my absolute best to embody, live, and model this way for anyone who chooses to glance my way.

We will not create change separately — but together.

And it also confuses me that some of these interactions (most that I notice, just because this is who I surround myself with) are happening between and from women who claim to be in support of “collaboration over competition,” “supporting women,” and creating sisterhood!

But are we truly supporting each other if the communication and the words and the energy we use to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings is disempowering and divisive?

The sisterhood I know to exist is one of non-judgmental sovereignty and total acceptance and love for one another. The rest is unwelcome.

And the magic I’m seeing in the sacred sisterhood containers I hold for women in my programs is INSANELY POWERFUL. Life-changing moments, healing wounds that have existed for a lifetime in just one call, feeling naturally inspired to support each other and safe to express uncomfortable emotions, held in a container of our truth and love. So I know it’s possible and that it exists. And I will NEVER stop working toward sharing this magic with as many women as possible, all over the globe.

It’s time to start using every interaction with another woman as an opportunity to fill that space between you, and within you, with more love, compassion, possibility, power, and understanding than you ever thought possible.

I am so grateful for and proud of all the women who are presently honoring this way of being in true sacred sisterhood together. Thank you. You are making a BIG difference, even if you don’t always recognize that you are. <3

Keep doing your light-work, siste

Love + Light, 


Keep Keep on with your light0work, sistEmily

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