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One of my favorite things to do in my business is collaborate, support, facilitate experiences (retreats + workshops), + speak to groups of women leaders and entrepreneurs!

My focus in my business has always been on making the biggest impact, and these flexible + customized options allow me to do that!

Soulful Business + Leadership Coaching can be an amazing complement to other programs + services, which is why I offer a handful of custom opportunities each year! 

I've worked with mastermind groups, networking groups, corporate teams, small businesses, Real Estate agents, photographers, coaches, and more to create guest expert trainings + offerings for their 1:1 clients, group programs, and teams. 

Offering this service is a win/win/win for all sides. I get to serve + support even more women, as you will see improved results + morale among your clients or team because they've been supported around some of the things keeping them stuck in your work together. Your clients or team members will be grateful that they didn't have to seek out support, outside of what you're already doing for them, and will experience such immense value from the experience. 

Here are some examples of what I offer:

Hire Emily to host a group retreat for your team.
Starting at $2,500/day.

Hire Emily to train your corporate team in
the art of soulful business. Starting at $2500.

Hire Emily to speak to your organization, community, or female founded business. 1 hour talk customized for your organization's needs. Starting at $697.


Each of these options can be delivered virtually, however if you will be incorporating these services as part of an in-person experience and prefer to have me physically present, travel expenses must be covered in addition. 


If you're interested in exploring + discussing how we can collaborate, and what unique possibilities we can curate for your group, clients, or team, please fill out the form below!


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