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How my Life Completely Changed in 14 Days (+ How Yours Can, Too!)

July 7, 2015

Holy WOW! I’m sitting here, baffled by the transformations that have occurred for me over the last 2 weeks. 

2 weeks ago, I was literally having a breakdown over a tea with one of my best friends and fellow coaches. I was explaining to her how every area of my life felt under pressure and STUCK, and how I didn’t know where to begin. I was determined to change this, and didn’t want to complain, but this was my reality just 14 days ago. That day ended with lots of frustrated tears.

I kept hearing this guiding message in my mind that I knew was 100% fact. I believed this in every part of myself, and I trusted it.

The message was that if I could just un-stick one area that felt stuck, and shake up some of the energy around it, that everything else would start flowing really beautifully and abundantly toward me in the other areas. But it had to be the most difficult one that scared me the most. 

Think snow globe style shake-up — no more boring, stagnant scene! Add a little magic and sparkles to liven it up and make it beautiful and in motion again!  You don’t have a snow globe for any other purpose than to flip it over every once in awhile and experience a sense of awe, right? Well, I’d like to add that you don’t have a LIFE for any other purpose than to shake it up every once in a while and experience a sense of awe, either! Why not live a big beautiful life, instead of a stagnant scene, re-living the same day over and over again? The choice is completely yours.

I kind of felt like I was living out of alignment in some way… like things that should have been working out just weren’t. I felt blocked, clogged, STUCK. But I knew that what I really believe is that when you get your personal life in order, your business follows suit. The two are so entangled. So, I followed my own advice in this respect.

When you have inspired thought, you have to trust it and act on it. 

So… here’s a quick snapshot of what my past 2 weeks have looked like:

  • Ended a 3-year relationship on good terms
  • Signed up 3 new clients and made more money than I have all year in my business
  • Cried more than I have in my whole life (which is actually a REALLY GREAT THING for me, believe it or not)
  • Moved into a new living space and created a zen den for myself (and every day has felt like vacation in comparison to what it felt like a week ago)
  • Taken great care of myself
  • Met new, amazing people very easily and frequently
  • Paid for a luxury rental for my Mastermind retreat in August that I never thought I could afford just a week ago
  • Decided to make my Freedom Is Sexy program a rolling-admission 8-week program for women who feel aligned with the journey (**MORE INFO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!**)

I’m sure that there are even more things that have happened that are more specific, but that’s the general overview… as you can tell, it’s been quite the few weeks for me! 

When we feel like we’re having a break-down, it’s actually an opportunity for a break-through into something bigger + better that will allow you to grow + expand more than you could have ever imagined.

It’s all about MINDSET. 

If you choose to view it as a breakdown, you create a negative spiral that’s hard to get out of. I’ve been there before, and I can tell you that where I am right now feels so incredibly different. 

The key to avoiding a negative spiral is to LISTEN and ACT, which will allow you to LEARN the lessons associated. Otherwise, the same patterns, issues, situations, and stuck-ness will continue to come to you until you’re willing to listen, learn, and grow. 

Alternatively, when you choose to view a challenge as a breakthrough and adopt the belief that you are being guided to grow and expand, you automatically create an upward spiral of opportunities.

…Opportunities for anything and everything you desire to come to you because you’re no longer blocking it by choosing to stay in a situation that feels “just okay” or “not good enough” or “kinda happy” or “maybe it’s right” to you.

If it were right, you would know! One of my fave quotes: “It’s either a HELL YES or a FUCK NO” — maybe a bit blunt, but it’s very true! Trust your own intuition and go with it. 

Thoughts create feelings.

Feelings create actions.

Actions create your reality. 

If you’re feeling “stuck” in any area (or maybe ALL areas, like I felt I was a few weeks ago), please know that this is OKAY, and in fact it’s something to be grateful for!

The disparity between where you are and where you’d like to be creates an organic motivation for you to try something new, do things differently, and discover more of who you are meant to become. 

Here’s what I wish someone would have said to me about two years ago:

Don’t try to ignore that PULL toward what you want anymore. And for goodness sakes, stop trying to do it all by yourself! 😉 Just leap (do your part), and the universe will always, always catch you.”

We get nowhere fast by resisting help from others who can truly help us get out of a rut way faster than we could on our own. How could we, when our minds are hard-wired to “protect us” using fear, which, in today’s world, really just keeps us from moving forward, taking a leap, or doing something bigger with our lives! Let’s face it… the chances you’re going to be chased and potentially eaten by a tiger tomorrow are pretty slim. Yet, this is what your brain was created to protect you from! And now, it doesn’t always serve us to be kept safe by our fears. 

I had a TON of fears making my decisions over the past 2 weeks, but I recognized them as the little delusions they really are, thanks to my studies in psychology and coaching, and to my sisterhood mastermind ladies for calling me out on excuses and fears I was allowing to hold me back. 

Fears like, What if I can’t make enough money and survive on my own? Can I really handle life without my partner? Won’t I be super lonely?! I’m losing everything I’ve spent the last 3 years building at once. What if I can’t ever speak to him again? What if I need him? I don’t want to hurt him! What if he hates me?

All silly when you write them down, but that’s the vulnerable, raw, honest truth. I’m sure you have those (or similar) fears somewhere deep within you, too, even if you’re not yet aware or willing to admit it. 

Regardless of what Fear tries to tell you, just know that there are absolutely no mistakes — only lessons. And that you can never make a “wrong” decision, especially when you use the question, “Does this spark joy?” and answer it honestly, as your barometer. 

Today, I’m making a vulnerable declaration and getting real with you.

In the spirit of unity and sisterhood, I’d love for you to…

1. Identify one area of your life that feels “STUCK”

2. COMMENT below, and tell me what you’re REALLY afraid of in terms of making a big change, taking a leap, or risking something in this area of your life.

3. I ALSO WANT TO KNOW: What could you possibly GAIN and how would your life improve 10-fold if you didn’t have this fear and were able to take action effortlessly?

4. Commit to doing something about it to remove that blockage so that you CAN have more flow in your life.

If you need help with this one, remember that I’m always here to support you!

If you need additional support, schedule a time to chat with me HERE so we can discuss any challenges that have come up for you around this exercise. 

I can’t wait to read your comments and to support you in taking a big leap, onward and upward!

Love + Light, 


P.S.! I have also decided to make my Freedom is Sexy 8-week program a rolling admission program. 

This means that over the next few months, you can start anytime that feels right for you. I know what’s it’s like to be in transition, and that just a few days could make all the difference as to whether you’re feeling this is a YES or a NO for you. 

If you’re interested in working together for 8-weeks, let’s chat about the program and your intentions for our time together! 
Click HERE to schedule a time to speak and learn more!



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