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Sisterhood Spotlight: Harnessing Your Superpowers with Cara Viana Hollenbeck

October 13, 2015

My sister Cara is a true light worker, intuitive medium, and teacher.

She and I have been working together in the Sisterhood Mastermind for the past 9 months together, studying goddess archetypes and doing all sorts of magical expansion!

When we first officially met in person at the Captivate Retreat in August, I felt something really special that I haven’t felt many times before.

It was a magical, pitter-patter of the heart, kind of familiarity, like “I don’t know exactly why, but my heart is REALLY happy we’re here together, and I know I have a lot to learn from you and with you, dear sister.” 

“I was born with superpowers…and I didn’t know it of course, like everyone with their superpowers at the beginning.” – Cara Viana

I’m so excited to share our interview with you today, and to unveil Cara’s magic and superpower to you.

It is a very special gift to hear her story and fully experience her brilliance, and I am so delighted to connect you with her today! 

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Recognizing + harnessing your unique superpowers (aka the things you THOUGHT made you broken)
  • How everyone can unlock their psychic abilities
  • Following your bliss (to get the hell out of your own way!) 🙂
  • Choosing joy + our own lensing through which to interpret our lives
  • Using our darkness as the opportunity to find more of the light and to cherish it more than we could’ve otherwise
  • Delegating to the universe
  • The power of sisterhood
  • The journey from burn-out to self-love
  • Learning to be less serious and have more fun
  • How to use our privilege and personal power as responsibilities to be in higher integrity and serve in the highest good 
  • Trying to be the savior and do it all by ourselves

“I don’t ever take joy for granted…I lived so many years with such a profound absence of joy and it was like having an absence of oxygen.” – Cara Viana

One of my favorite things that Cara states in our interview is that you don’t have to work with either one of us.

Just go do what makes you feel happy, fun, and playful.

It will open so many doors for you, love.

And if you’d like to keep in touch with Cara (she has a lot of incredible things in the works that you don’t want to miss!), please click the button below to sign up to join the Playful Spirit Tribe! 

And if you found your way here through Cara, I’d love to keep in touch and send you a little welcome gift for joining my tribe of sisters, as well! 

ALSO! Big exciting news!

Cara and I are concocting some magic together, so expect to hear more about a special adventure in Hawaii with us in the new year. 

More to come about that, so stay tuned.

Can’t wait to share more sisterhood, magic, and freedom with you in the coming weeks, sister!

Love + Light, 


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