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Expand your freedom, income, & impact as you sustainably grow your soul-aligned business


This powerful 6-month coaching experience is the perfect way to receive the support you need to reach your next level in business and beyond.

If you are seeking the soul, strategy, + sisterhood support to expand your business in a way that allows you to more fully leverage your innate wisdom, gifts, and purpose, the BAC is for you!

The BAC is a SUPER supportive experience that includes private + group coaching, virtual co-working sessions, Voxer support between live calls, and bonus access to my Soulful Business Academy program for even more connection + strategic support.

This experience is a perfect fit for women entrepreneurs who desire to transition from side-hustle to full-time, are ready to go bigger and create more freedom in their time, energy, and finances, and who would love to build sustainable income that's reliable + consistent. 

It's 100% possible to create the business + life you desire.

And that's going to take some intentional growth, action, and strategizing. 

You'll have to learn to become the version of you who's ready for MORE and who is capable of receiving and holding the capacity of what you want, which is both an inner and outer game. 

In this experience, you'll receive the tools and support to grow your business and your ability to lead your work in deep alignment with your soul's mission, message, and vision. 

Together, we'll unpack your limiting beliefs, scattered systems, and feelings of overwhelm + doubt, so that you can finally feel free + clear to create the business that's true for you, in service of your audience, and that makes an abundant income for you.

what happens inside?

here are a few topics we cover...

☾ 90-day goal mapping and reverse-engineering your ideal business model, offerings, launches, & lifestyle

☾ Feminine cycles of productivity & creation, and how to leverage them inside your business and life for more ease and flow

☾ Creating your specific messaging, website copy, and branding 

☾ Choosing the best marketing channels for your specific skills, strengths, and audience

☾ Setting your prices to match the value of your clear, powerful, and unique offerings
Overcoming energetic, emotional, psychological, and systemic blocks to your success

☾ How to create a thriving business ecosystem through your evolutionary leadership

☾ Building resilience and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, unknown, and inevitable changes of business & entrepreneurship

☾Staying devoted and consistent in your business 

☾ Infusing pleasure, play, & space into your business model

☾ Fine-tuning your schedule & creating the best systems to ensure the important things aren’t slipping through the cracks

Hear my clients recap their experiences + share an inside look of what we work on together! 

I am a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. I’m devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world.

Hi love,


I fully support you and your unique vision for what’s possible through your business and our world. I know that everything you are dreaming of is totally achievable.

You just need the right soul-aligned strategy to bring it to life.

You just need the key to unlock the potential already within you and to say YES to the initiation into your next level of growth, alignment, + success on all levels.

Together, we can work out any challenges you’re currently experiencing and co-create the best path for you to nourish your business vision ... and yourself in the process. 

Can't wait!

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Business Alchemy Circle

introducing the


Our intimate journey includes monthly group coaching circles, private coaching, ongoing accountability, and an aligned and supportive sisterhood comprised of high-achieving women entrepreneurs merging the paths of soul-centered leadership and strategic business success. 

6 private coaching calls with Emily (1-hr each)
12 group coaching circles (2 hours each)
6 months of Voxer support + coaching between live calls 
Sister Spotlight Feature in Emily's communities
BONUS life-time access to the SBA digital on-demand course.

You’ve already built a foundation in your business, have at least a few clients under your belt, and are making some reliable revenue

You feel alone on your entrepreneurial journey and are desiring connection + community with fellow ambitious and soulful women pursuing their callings and being of service and the support of a coach to support you strategically to reach your next level

You want to be hitting consistent $8k months, and are ready to try new approaches to your business success

You know you’re destined for greatness - and want to learn how to bridge the gap from your current level of success to building a business + brand that reflects your essence + full potential

You desire to work smarter instead of harder and are ready to learn an easier approach to building an abundant business that won’t burn you out 

who is the bac for?

it's for you if .....


"When we started working together, everything ALIGNED."

"To have someone on your team who understands how to align your true passions, your soul with your business, is everything. To have someone who provides awesome insight into your business and provides you with ideas that you wouldn't even think of has been amazing. I could not be happier with the outcomes in my business and in my personal life!"

"I needed to free myself, and who I was to be able to have a really authentic business."

"Even though I know that the way business is set up and traditionally run is really made for a white male to succeed, as a black woman I've just gone with it and figured out how to maneuver around it. Working with Emily now, this is time for me as a woman - and as a black woman - to be able to figure out my own path in my own way and make sure that the business that I'm running is authentically ME, and not just cookie-cutter fit to the system."

"I needed to sift through all my ideas to know which I needed to implement."

Through the past few months with Emily, and her asking questions about my vision for the business and what I truly want to be doing, came the realization that I can dream bigger than just being a marketer. The biggest thing beyond all the tactical help you'll receive is really that you're working on the business side of you, and you're working on the soulful side of you. She created a space for us to really FEEL what's going on within ourselves and verbalize and see what's blocking me emotionally and spiritually. This is for someone who is craving the spiritual side of business as well, and who wants to listen to their heart, and listen to the calling and make sure that what you're doing in your business is aligned with who you want to be."

“I was looking for a community of like-minded women and it was the exact place that I needed to be.“

“I had so many ideas, and Emily is a genius when it comes to this. She really helped me facilitate beautiful copy and marketing. I walked away from the experience with a website and branding that I just felt really, really proud of. I felt like everything was such an embodiment of who I am and the work that I do."

“I got to the point where I was drained from constantly hustling, and feeling the need to reinvent myself without much direction at all.“

“Over the past 6 months, Emily has taught me to create a lifestyle surrounding my passions in a much more sustainable way. Through her and the Business Alchemy Circle, I learned to embrace not only my authentic image, but also my natural tendencies surrounding work and play. I’ve been able to create much more easily and efficiently through a space of receptivity, pleasure, play and power. It all comes together and works hand in hand. Honestly I didn’t know that was possible until working with Emily.”

How long is the program?

The program is 6 months long, and runs twice per year (March - August, September - February). We accept applications all year long, for those interested in joining the next round to reserve their spot in advance! 


Space is limited to 13 women for each round of the program. This allows us to deeply serve each woman in the experience, while maintaining varied perspectives and intimate  connections within our sisterhood for each cohort. 


If you're an entrepreneur and are resonating with the information on this page, but still have a few questions, please fill out an application and our team will be in touch to schedule a Soulful Strategy Consultation call with Emily to make sure it's a fit before you enroll!


Call times and dates are determined after enrollment is complete, through a Doodle poll, to find the day/time for group calls that suits everyone's schedules! 


The investment is 6 monthly payments of $997/month (USD) or a single one-time payment of $5,882 (USD).


The BAC is a perfectly balanced combination of support with monthly 1-hr individualized private coaching, monthly, group coaching circles, + bonus access to the Soulful Business Academy. You'll have all the tools, support, + resources at your fingertips to create the next level of success in your unique business, no matter what industry you're in. We focus equally on building harmony between the SOUL and the STRATEGY in your business for optimal sustainability and resilience. In addition to aligned business strategies customized for your specific business + mission, you'll also receive the support to become the embodied leader and entrepreneur you're here to be through mindset work and ensuring that your inner world supports the outer world you desire to call in + cultivate.


The time commitment is 5 hours/month of active coaching time.

In addition to this, you also have the OPTION to take advantage of the support available inside the Soulful Business Academy, which offers 3 hours of live group coaching support, 1 hour video/audio trainings, guest expert pep talks, accountability partner check-in calls (1 hr/month), + lots of other bonus materials to dive into at your leisure every month. This program is awesome  because you can really scale and customize the experience you want to have, and pick and choose what's most valuable for you at this stage of your business journey.

is it only open to u.s. citizens?

NO WAY! :) You are welcome to join this experience from absolutely anywhere in the world, as long as you are fluent in English. I LOVE working with my international clients, and keep my programs primarily virtual for international accessibility.

I created this experience to plug you into all the most important support to grow your business sustainably and reach your next level of both impact and income.

This 6-month experience is always so magical because often the results that my clients experience in month two are the results they thought would take the full length of the program to achieve! I'd be so honored to get to know you, hear your business vision, and support you along your path toward more freedom, flow, and fulfillment. Can't wait to learn about your work!

I'm so excited you're here!

xoxo, Emily