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Balancing Boundaries + Vulnerability In Business + Leadership

April 3, 2018

Hello, sister! 

Have you ever felt it was difficult for you to set a boundary with clients, friends, family, or even with yourself?

I know I DEFINITELY have struggled with this in the past, and it’s something I hear come up constantly as an emerging theme in my work with my coaching clients, who are women entrepreneurs + leaders themselves. 

Another concern I notice arising frequently is around being vulnerable in our businesses as leaders. The new paradigm of women’s leadership that we are trailblazing asks us to show up fully in our messiness and imperfections, to be relatable, to lead with our hearts on our sleeves, and to be honest + truthful with our followers, clients, peers, and selves.

So where is the balance between maintaining clear & sacred boundaries, and being open about what’s real? 

In this training video, I share how to strike a beautiful balance between the two as a leader or entrepreneur so that you can stay in your sovereignty, yet not become “untouchable,” too rigid, or seem cold to your audience, team, & clients.


I hope you enjoy this training!

I’d love to hear from you in the COMMENTS below about what your experience has been navigating this confusing terrain as you become more visible & share your gifts and work with the world. 

I’d also love to know if you have any unanswered questions that I can help answer in an upcoming video for you!

Love + Light, 


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