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5 Lessons From The Month of March

March 31, 2015

Hey loves!

Today, I wanted to share some reflections from the past month with you.

I had a little coffee date with a friend of mine last week, and we got to talking about so many different things. I realized that so many lessons – little gems – had emerged for me this month.

Here are a few delicious things for you to chew on as we wrap up the month of March 🙂

1. It Always Works Out

This month, I hosted my monthly Hippies In Heels Sister Circle. It was new and improved (and quite a success!). I had put more planning and preparation and time and money and thought into this meeting than any before, because I had a revitalized vision for the event. But what ended up happening was that 2 people ended up not being able to come! Both reasons were 100% legitimate, but it bummed me out! I got both messages on my way to set up at the event at James Gallery, here in Pittsburgh, and I was a little worried that no one would show up!

Of course, things worked out perfectly, as they always do! The women who did come were exactly the group that needed to be there, and the smaller group made for an even more relaxing, leisurely, and intimate circle. I was also able to get lots of amazing feedback after the event to make the next one even better since we had extra time at the end.

[Join us for the next Hippies In Heels Sister Circle + Laser Coaching event on Tuesday April 14th! Can’t wait to see you there!]

2. Do Somethin’ Crazy!

This month, I had a birthday. Around my birthday each year, I always feel like I’m seriously taking stock of what’s happening in my life, and whether it’s what I want it to be. I also get this HUGE urge to do something really radical, risky, or adventurous that would spark a big change.  That can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. But I usually have the momentum to ‘bite the bullet’ around this time of year and just freakin’ do it!

I’ve found that anytime I step out of my comfort zone, the universe responds favorably. It always catches me, and doing something that seems ‘crazy’ at the time is really the only way to get to the next level (whatever that means for you, in your life).  I’m pleased to say that I’ll be traveling to California (San Fran & San Diego) for 2 weeks at the middle-end of April to do a little beta-test lifestyle to see if what I think I want (living by the coast) is actually something that would feel as amazing as I anticipate!

What is something that seems absolutely CRAY CRAY to you in this moment, but would feel ahhh-mazing to do? What would feel challenging, and allow you to even just dip a toe outside of your comfort zone?

COMMENT below and let me know! 🙂 I’m sure that together, we can find a way to make it happen for you!

3. Treat Yo’ Self

For a few days this month, I allowed myself to have zero plans, and just do whatever felt good to me in that time. What ended up happening? I laid in bed almost ALL DAY and watched Hulu. Of course I could’ve been reading one of the 20 books on my bookshelf, doing laundry, cleaning my apartment, or going to 2 different yoga classes. My monkey-brain was telling me I was a lazy daisy, and I was experiencing a lot of guilt over feeling like I had “wasted” a whole day.

So here’s the lesson…

Just because you allow yourself one day to do nothing but sit around and watch Hulu all day doesn’t mean you’re a lazy bum. Your brain needs to take breaks. It’s a big muscle, after all. How do you think your body would feel if you did an Insanity workout everyday of the week?! Probably not too hot.

Rest is an important part of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We can’t go HAM every damn day and expect to be in tip-top condition. Nothing in the world works that way! If you think about a flower’s growth cycle, there blooming is NOT the first step. There’s a ton of ‘incubation’ that happens behind the scenes, under the ground, before that can even begin to happen. When we refuse to take this breaks and treat ourselves, overwhelm and burnout become little hitchhikers that won’t go away until the next rest stop.  This is the stuff downward spirals into our old habits, patterns, and behaviors we know don’t actually benefit us, are made of.

4. Spruce It Up!

Our living spaces, cars, wardrobes, work spaces, etc. can start to feel drab instead of fab. A little spruce up never hurt nobody!

Here are some of the ways I switched it up this month to do a little “sprucing” of my own:

  • Clear the clutter, and start getting rid of things you no longer need
  • Create some new artwork
  • Add fresh flowers or start growing some plants indoors
  • Clean your space, then light candles (soooo refreshing!)
  • Create a photo collage for inspiration in your workspace
  • Re-organize and re-arrange your furniture and closets/drawers
  • Browse Pinterest for more ideas for specific projects in your living space! Get creative! 😉

I always feel a million times better in my living space when the dishes are done, and I know that when I open a cabinet or closet, things will be organized! Just shaking up the energy in your living and work space will work wonders for your focus and concentration.

5. Make Fitness Fun 

Lately, I’ve been really resistant to exercise. I think it’s because of the long cold winter, and just the transition of now working from home has been a huge adjustment. It’s so easy to not leave the house when it’s zero degrees and just hole up at home, all cozy and warm.

Last winter, I was doing nothing but YOGA! All winter. All week. Which was great! But this year, I just wasn’t feeling it as much. So I didn’t really do much! I needed another option. This month, I was reminded of how much I LOVE my friend Christina’s Hip Hop Cardio class! I went with another friend of mine, and we totally rocked it out. It was so much fun, and it felt more like we were at a party all together just dancing up a storm, than in a gym. Sometimes I forget how much I love it and how fun it really is. (My muscles were sore for 3 days after my powerful dancing workout! I forgot what that felt like!)

Now that the weather’s nicer, I’m really loving getting back into trail walking/running with my dog, Byron! There’s really nothing I dislike more than going to a gym to work out and looking outside at a perfect day, wanting to be outside. Torture! Why force yourself to be inside when it’s lovely outside? Add in some friends, great music, or an audiobook, and you’re set! There’s something so freeing about leaving the house without a purse to carry, and just taking your phone (for music) and headphones, lacing up your sneakers, and moving your body at whatever pace feels good that day.

I also love to take Byron on walks during my “lunch break” to reinvigorate myself for the second part of my day. I always feel SO much more productive when I do this!

Have an amazing week, and I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Love & Light,


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