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Emily Cassel (she/her) is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, writer, international retreat leader, and champion of women, based in Charleston, SC. Emily believes that when women embrace and express their deepest soul calling and become leaders of their life and business, we create a more liberated and limitless future for ourselves, each other, and our world.

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Feminine Energy 101: 4 Powerful Qualities To Embrace Today

February 3, 2015

Ever since joining Mentor Masterclass, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of feminine energy and how we can best harness it to fully utilize our potential as powerful, ambitious women.

I became so enthralled with this idea that I ended up throwing myself off balance to the extreme with feminine energy and tossing out as many masculine energetic qualities as possible – that was a big oops! My intention in sharing this is to demonstrate that it’s not that women have strictly feminine energy or that men solely possess masculine energy. No no no!

Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy within us that must be balanced to achieve optimal results in our lives. However, feminine energy is the core of women’s existence and most optimal state of being, while masculine energy is at the core of men’s existence. Both are necessary, but what I’ve found is that most ambitious women have become so disconnected from living in alignment with our feminine energy in a way that feels “in flow” instead of like we’re pushing against the grain in our day to day lives.

Most of the systems in place in our world operate on an energetically masculine level, which throws most women into a state of disconnection from our inherently feminine core because we want to have and do it all. The ambition is amazing, and I am constantly in awe of how many incredible women I am surrounded by who constantly crave more out of their life experience! But when that ambition isn’t coupled with the tenets of feminine energy and hence balanced out, we tend to get very disconnected from our authentic truth and genius.

That’s where my work comes in – my mission is to heal women energetically on an individual basis, so that our world can heal by experiencing more confident and connected female leaders bringing their full feminine energy to the table on a global scale. It’s no secret that our world is in need of some serious female influence in order to achieve better solutions, harmony, and peace. So my mission is to get that ball rolling by starting the movement grassroots-style, helping women realize their full potential, feminine nature, and the power of sisterhood by doing the internal work to get there.

Because right now, that’s what we do have the power to address. You can’t expect the mindset of an entire global community, or even a national community, to shift overnight. Individuals shift first, then the external changes begin to change and become more accommodating to a new way of being, doing, and thinking.

In my research and experience, I’ve found that there are 4 over-arching qualities of feminine energy that I’m super excited to share with you today so that you can implement these ideas into your life to create more flow.

1. Receiving

As women, our inherent nature is to receive. Whereas men thrive in a state of giving, women are more tuned in and turned on by receiving. This includes receiving support, abundance, celebration, compliments, and anything else you want to create or call into your life experience.

I find it interesting that we, as women, so often have resistance to asking for what we need and fully remaining open to receiving it AND we become chronic givers to the people who depend on us.

When we hold on too tight or try to control the results we want to see, things don’t flow as well. It’s all about finding balance here. So surrender your questions, and be open to receiving the answers that come!

2. “Who Must I Be?”

Where masculine energy inquires about the action plan (i.e. “what do I need to do to make this happen”), the feminine nature asks, “Who must I be to make this happen?” In other words, it’s all about how we are showing up. That’s why, as women, self-care is hugely important: it directly influences the results of our work in every area of our lives.

Yet, so many of us have this so backwards! We put ourselves last on our priority list, behind our families, careers, significant others, friends, pets, homes,…anything we can find to feel like we’re doing/being/giving enough of ourselves away. I invite you to start giving yourself (your time, attention, resources) to yourself as your highest priority.

A quote that continues to show up for me lately is: “no one can give you anything you don’t first give yourself.” So if you want great love, supportive relationships, health, or wealth — you’ve got to start with giving that love and attention to yourself so that you can show up in a new, revived way.

Anything and everything we desire to call into our lives is, at its core, an energetic relationship. The most important energetic relationship we can have starts within, so we have to first nurture our relationships with ourselves, and ensure we are becoming the women we desire to become in order to yield the external results and call in our deepest desires. This is where we start to discover what feels aligned for us and make positive choices for ourselves.

3. Cycles of Change

The feminine energy IS change – it is creative, ebbing and flowing, limitless, inspiring. It can at times be uncontained and wild. The power of intention is hugely important here, as the feminine constantly changes, yet holds the devotion and intention to stay balanced.

Ever hear the phrase, “You can’t rush the creative process?” That’s what happens within us as women. It’s like the unspoken mantra that we have to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to knowing and living by to embrace more support from the resources we’re hardwired with.

Just observing the feminine menstrual cycle, which is naturally aligned with the cycles of the moon, lends support to this constant change. Each phase of the cycle is unique, and represents biochemical changes in a woman’s body that influence the type of lifestyle she is best equipped to lead in each cycle. This includes the way she feeds and nourishes her body, the tasks she chooses to engage in, the type of exercise, how her mind is functioning, and more. (Learn more about this in the upcoming Hippies In Heels Virtual Sisterhood Program!)

In our bodies, we hold the space where all creation begins – the womb. It’s a beautiful thing, because everything we do as women happens in cycles, just like birth. Our process of creation isn’t linear – it’s inherently cyclical and takes time – there’s no rushing things, just as there is no “rushing” in any natural process. The masculine energy pushes and forces, where the feminine energy leans back and allows things to run their course.

4. Support & Praise

The feminine energy grows through support and praise, while the masculine grows through challenge. As women, it’s vital for us to feel supported, loved, and praised. And this is why I so deeply believe in, and am wildly passionate about the power of sisterhood!

Sisterhood provides a safe space for us to feel unconditionally supported and praised, and to lend that to other women. In this space, we learn that what we give to our sisters is in direct proportion to what we receive. So in order to fully receive the benefits, we must fully engage with our sisters. When the mission of a group of like-minded women follows the cyclical process of asking “What do you need? How can we help you get it? What can we do to support you?,” total magic emerges from these communions.

If the content of this post got you excited, I’d love to invite you to apply for my new program, launching in March! Learn more about Hippies In Heels: The Virtual Sisterhood for Soul Centered Women by clicking the button below! 🙂

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