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7 Steps To Stress-Free Decision Making

January 27, 2015

Decision Making can be tough stuff.

When we get caught up in making a big decision, we have a tendency to let it de-rail other areas of our lives. We get so stressed out thinking about the decision that we either don’t make one at all or make a hasty, ill-informed one.

A few years ago, I was the WORST decision maker ever. I’d get so caught up in my own head, weighing the pros and cons of each option… of what to have for dinner. I wish I was kidding. I would take so long to order whenever my boyfriend and I went out to eat that I felt guilty and made a snap decision so that I could just order SOMETHING. Then what happened, you ask? I’d get my meal and not be satisfied, thinking, “Aw man, I totally should’ve gone with my first choice! Why didn’t I just trust my instinct?!” (What a bummer dinner date I must’ve been!)

Sound familiar?

I’m sharing my 7 most powerful techniques for making soul-centered decisions today. These are my tried and true techniques that I use every single time I’m faced with a decision. I’m happy to share that I’m now a kick-ass decision maker.

1. Get Crystal Clear

Place your order (literally). When you get really clear about what it is that you want, the universe conspires to help you, making you more powerful. None of us are in this alone – our alliance with the universe to co-create our most purposeful and beautiful lives makes it easier for the support and resources to come to you. Always write down your thoughts and ideas on paper to get super clear. I’ve found that this is the most crucial step to making a decision.

For a long time, I was really unclear about leaving my full-time job to step fully into coaching. I was so frustrated. I started applying to other (much more mindless) jobs that I thought would allow me to use less brainpower so I could give more to my coaching business on the side. I was simultaneously saying “I want to be a full-time coach, but I also maybe kinda want a different full-time job because that might make it easier and, I don’t know, maybe I’ll just stay here and keep coaching on the side.” HELLO!!! I needed to wake up and get clear on what I wanted. I picked a date that I held myself to leaving my job and stepping into coaching full-time. When I had that clarity, I gained massive focus and power. Within the next 24 hours of making my very clear decision, synchronicity stepped in and I received 2 big promotional opportunities, 3 part-time job offers, an intern, and new client appointments. I ended up leaving my job 2 weeks before my deadline because I felt so supported and prepared for the next step.

2. Stop Waiting

Procrastination and deciding to delay a decision is a decision in itself – it’s a choice to stay stuck, complacent, or in your comfort zone. The energy of a commitment paves the way for possibility. No more “I can’t!” Chances are, if you don’t make a timely decision, you’ll never make one at all. Your decision to not decide is really you telling yourself that you’re not worth the investment of your own energy to create something better or something more in your life. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up exactly where you are right now anyway, but we always regret the decisions we don’t make – not the ones we do.

3. Know the Impact

How does this decision effect every area of your life? Write the impact for each of the following categories:

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Growth
  • Finances
  • Physical Movement & Nourishment
  • Career
  • Love & Romance
  • Living Environment

4. Listen to Your Body

Bring your awareness to your solar plexus chakra (manipura). When you think about the multiple options that you’re deciding among, does each feel expansive in your womb space, your center of creation? Does your solar plexus area feel open? Then it’s a yes! Do you feel yourself contracting in this space? If it feels like your insides are being wrung out or tied in a knot, that would be a “no.”

5. Align Your Values

My mentor Jeannine Yoder says that “When we base a decision on what we value, then we make a decision that is good for us,” because it supports what we care about. First you must get in touch with your value system. What are things you value most in your life? Make a list of the top 5 and then narrow it down to 3. Put them in order from most important to least important. Come back to these values anytime you make a decision. Better yet, make them pretty and display them in a frame in your workspace or on your wall – wherever you do most of your decision-making!

6. Choose a Theme

What do you want to master? Choose one word that really speaks to you as the most important guiding compass in your life for this year. Mine is “Vibrance” for 2015. I find that anytime I’m feeling stuck about making a decision, I can ask myself which option best aligns with my theme of vibrance. Whether it’s what I should eat for lunch (Is an avocado and green salad more vibrant than ravioli? YES!) or whether I should invest in a sisterhood mastermind program, it’s always effective and makes every decision SO clear. It’s a super simple and intuitive method, and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve also made all of my friends choose a theme too, and we’ve all shared it with one another so we can support each other to make better, more aligned decisions.

Some Theme Ideas: Nurturing, Abundance, Vibrance, Wild, Birth, Generosity, Thrive, Sisterhood, Trust, Beauty

7. Trust Yourself

Somewhere inside of you, you already know the answer to this question. Trust that powerful intuition of yours and go with it. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll learn something about yourself, and grow in the process. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it!?

Which of these approaches is your favorite? Which sounds most useful to you? Which will you put to the test to make a daunting decision in your life today? Share in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

Love & Light,


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