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What Are Your Choices Saying About Your Self Worth?

November 5, 2014

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Today I had the thought that every choice we make is either an act of self-love or self-harm.

The food we eat, the thoughts we think, the world we create in our own minds, the people we surround ourselves with, the relationships we put energy into, whether we drink alcohol or not, exercise routines we commit to or stray from, the goals we set, the products we buy – all the things we choose to spend our time doing in general. Every decision we make on a daily basis reflects our own self-worth.

Framing our decisions in this way, as an act of self-care vs. self-harm, really changes our perspectives and can improve our decision-making processes. Each of us is worthy of love, and that begins with self-love and self-care. It is undoubtedly true that we can’t love other people until we can first love ourselves: imperfections, insecurities, and all. We have to first accept ourselves to get to this state of self-love. Once we are there, however, we have to walk to the walk and not just talk the talk by making decisions that are reflective and congruous of this love for self. The most successful people in the world realize that outward success begins with inner success and inner mastery, first and foremost.

Learning to love ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, and actions is a bi-directional relationship. The more choices of self-love we make, the more self-love we create. The more self-love we create, the more choices that reflect this self-love we make. Happiness breeds happiness, and self-love breeds more self-love. When we come from a place of love and abundance and adopt this mentality, we are able to be more mindful of the decisions we make and our motivations behind our decisions (both good and bad), opening up more space for reflection and improvement in our lives.

The next time you think about skipping that workout – is it an act of self-love because maybe you need a day to rest instead to rejuvenate your body? Or, is it an act of self-harm because you would rather sit on your bum all day because you’re not feeling up for the challenge? Really think about it and be honest with yourself.

We can’t all make perfect choices all of the time, but becoming more mindful about why and how we are making our decisions can only improve our decision-making processes and lead to a more fulfilling life! Don’t stress out about making the “right” decisions – after all, we never really know if a decision is the right one for us until we make it and see how we feel about it afterward. Allow yourself to make mistakes, but learn from them and leverage your mishaps to create more beauty in your life the next time you confront a similar situation.

Now  go get caught in a beautiful cycle of self-love!

Love & Light,


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