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8 Ways to Hit Re-Start on a Bad Day

September 18, 2014

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Now I hope this wasn’t the case for you, but last week was a bit of a crappy week for me!

The dog had fleas, my bank account balance was suddenly much lower than I had expected, my boyfriend was called back into work on our one date night of the week, someone had said something to me that had really triggered me –  I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and all I wanted to go was go to the gym, but I had to do a total clean sweep of the house to get the flea situation under control – GEESH!

If you’re human, then I’m sure you’ve had this kind of day (or week) at some point, and have felt totally helpless! Like me, you probably felt as though things were spiraling out of control in a negative direction, and that you were just trying to muster up the strength to drag yourself through the obstacle course until the end of the week when you can finally catch up on all the other stuff you were supposed to be doing during the week. Yup – I’ve SO been there! 

We’ve all had bad days, that sometimes turn into bad weeks, or even months. To prevent a bad day from spilling over into a week, today I want to share with you a few tips for how to re-set your bad day and turn it into a better one!

But guess what? That’s part of living FULLY, which is our goal here! We don’t get to choose whether we want to experience only the positive things that come up in our lives – we sometimes have to experience the dichotomy to fully appreciate the good things and be truly grateful for them. 

In fact, when we open ourselves up to being fully present & vulnerable in our life experience, we tend to feel the whole spectrum of emotions more than ever, instead of just the ones we’ve used in the past to cover up emotional wounds. 

So, what if you had the power and the tools to push a hypothetical “Re-Start” button on your life when things started spiraling out of your control? What if you could really move from feeling helpless to feeling totally powerful and awesome just by taking a few simple steps?

Well the good news is that YOU CAN! And today, on the 2nd episode of Thriving Thursdays, I’m going to teach you 8 different ways to hit re-start and tame a day from hell. These are the exact tools I used to pull myself out of the emotional rut I was in last week, and I’m positive these will work for you, too! In shot, they’ll cure whatever ails ya when you’re feeling less than excited, energized, and positive. 

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