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4 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

September 11, 2014

Keeping our energetic vibration high (i.e. feeling good) is SO important in order to create the lives we want to create for ourselves and to fully live out our greatest dreams and purpose in the world. Starting to cultivate the feelings that you desire to feel NOW instead of waiting until “someday” helps someday become today, and puts you in the fast lane to achieve anything you want to achieve. The first step in manifestation is to really FEEL the way you want to feel so all the things that come along with your vision have the space to come into your life.  

Understanding that the energy you’re putting out into the world is inherently the energy you will receive back from others and from the universe is an empowering concept – by understanding the Law of Attraction, you can begin to grasp that whether you are aware of it or not, you are responsible for the energy you’re omitting because ultimately, this creates your reality. This is the core of understanding that you ARE  a powerful creator of your own life, existence, dreams, etc. 

The “how” of this concept (and many others) can often be the trickiest part! That’s why I’ve created this lovely video for you (some may call it a VLOG) below with 4 ways to instantly raise your vibrational frequency to become the most powerful you can be in your very own dream quest! I’m calling this new series Thriving Thursdays, so I hope that you enjoy the first episode and tune in weekly. If you sign up for my e-newsletter, I’ll be sure to update you each with with a new episode!



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