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Is What You Seek Seeking You?

April 23, 2014


Rumi said “what you seek is seeking you” – I think this really resonates with certain experiences and common themes we find in our lives. In other words, when we need something, it will find us. When we put the intention out there consciously or subconsciously that we are in need of a certain feeling or experience, it never ceases to pop up in our lives sometimes to the point that we can’t ignore it. In fact, what we find ourselves attracted to can give us a TON of insight. Pay attention to the patterns that emerge in your life. 

The other week, I decided to buy only 2 items – both orange – while I was out shopping.  I normally wouldn’t have done that, since I wouldn’t want to throw off my wardrobe balance – but for some reason, I felt like I needed these two items. It’s been a long winter, and orange is a sunny, bright, and warm color. Citrus colors (and fruits!) make me feel refreshed and remind me of warm weather. I am determined that this is the reason for my abnormal purchase, as well as my abundance of grapefruit and Minneola oranges in my fridge over the past few weeks! I remained open to this possibility, despite my head telling me I shouldn’t do it. 

Have you been jamming out to a certain type of music or songs with common themes? This week, I’ve been particularly drawn to songs about running away in fast cars 🙂 Hmmm.. escapism much?! I’ve also been pestering my boyfriend to put the passenger pegs on his new motorcycle so I can ride with him and find a new way of experiencing the new (finally) warm weather! (by the way, a year and a half ago, I would’ve been absolutely terrified to even be dating someone who owned a motorcycle, let alone fathom the idea of riding on one – now I’m begging to hop on the back and just go!)  I planned a trip to see one of my best friends in Chicago as well, and am planning some weekend excursions to see some new places throughout the summer. I didn’t think about it too much, I just did it. I’m realizing that I’m becoming much more in tune with what I want, less resistant to limiting beliefs and barriers (i.e. should I really spend this money on a plane ticket?!/ I can’t afford to do that), and have more and more faith in the universe. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I wish the same for anyone reading this post 🙂 I’m now open to experiencing more freedom and adventure than I experience in my day-to-day, and it’s so beautiful. 

Pay attention to the kinds of people you are attracted to. I have to say, it came as quite a shock to me that my boyfriend and I got together – at the time, he was TOTALLY not my type. He’s a wonderful chef and an incredible bass guitarist who builds motorcycles in his living room (I kid you not), has a couple tattoos, defended our country overseas, and grew up on a farm. He doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, doesn’t own a suit, doesn’t care about how much money he makes as long as he works hard, and doesn’t have an iPhone.  He is so REFRESHING! He calls me out on my BS and makes me a better version of myself. Sometimes it’s challenging when we don’t see eye-to-eye, but when I really stop to think about it, how boring it would be to share a life with someone who is an exact reflection of myself. Where’s the growth in that?Would I have been on the back of a motorcycle riding through Mexico with anyone else? NO WAY! And that’s what makes our relationship so special – we were exactly what the other needed to supplement our whole selves – we weren’t looking for someone to fill a void. I remember a moment, actually, when we first started dating when he told me that I seemed like just the kind of person he wanted in his life at the time, and that I seemed very “wholesome.” I also recall telling a dear friend and confidant that I felt as though he was the man who would help me become the person I really wanted to be. This was a totally subconscious invitation into my life, but it was exactly what I need(ed). I actually completely wrote him off for the first 6 months we knew each other, and it wasn’t until I completed a summer program on a working farm in college that I really began to see things from a more relatable perspective to his, and let him into my world. Best decision I’ve ever made. He is now where I find balance between head and heart.

The golden wisdom here is that none of the greatest things in your life can find you if you’re closed off to them. Be open in every aspect of your life – with your mind, heart, eyes, ears, hands. Be open to receiving. Close yourself off only to resistance and fear to make more space for openness. 

I often find that when people find that the things they’ve always wanted and dreamed of are coming to them in full force, they feel one of the following: (1) unsure that it’s right because they didn’t get there the way they had planned (2) undeserving of their success and abundance, or (3) scared shitless because they think “well now what!?” (4) Overwhelmed and in need of some serious assistance in planning and implementing a structured plan, or (5) Completely blissful and exhilarated! Those who feel the fifth option are the ones who are open completely to living their passion and are totally confident that they are living in alignment with their purpose. To speak to the first emotional response I’ve listed, I think that if the actual path that’s given to you delineates from the path you thought or planned to be your method for reaching your goal, then the fact that it came to you even sooner and in a different way just means that you are truly being heard by the universe, and it’s conspiring to deliver to you however possible. This course may sometimes be painful, but it gets you what you want without the lag time of staying in a job you don’t love or in a relationship that’s damaging, for example.

Be open to receiving the universe’s gifts to you, every day. Only then will you be able to accept all the abundance that is present, which is yours for the taking. What you seek IS seeking you, but the caveat is that you must have faith and be open to receiving. 

All my love – always and all ways, 




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