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Make Your Journaling Practice As Sticky as Honey, Honey!

January 7, 2015

Welcome to 2015, beautiful soul!

The common ordeal: you find a beautiful journal, have to have it, buy it, and then don’t use it for anything except random, sporatic lists that you have to make.

Now, I’m sure the intention when you bought the journal was a bit more lofty than grocery lists and planning out your meals for 2 weeks out of your year (guilty as charged – I’ve totally done it!)! Your vision probably looked more like writing in your journal on a consistent basis, maybe every morning, with a beautiful cup of tea, a nourishing breakfast, and a bit of meditation. Maybe you threw in a candle or some incense to really make it a soulful process!

But my hunch is, that vision hasn’t quite happened for you yet, at least not at the level of consistency you’d like it to!

This intention has been one of my go-to’s for YEARS, yet I never quite seemed to follow through even close to the level that I had planned. And that was because I never made it meaningful for myself. The goal looked like “journal once a day” or something vague like that, so I would do it for the first 5 days of the year, then fall off the bandwagon.

Here are a few ways that you can create a journaling practice that really sticks:

1.    Get Clear On Your “Why”

What is the result you’d like to see in your life as an effect of your journaling? Personally, I love to journal to clear my mental clutter and feel cleansed to start a new day. Earlier this year, it was more about just getting to know myself better, because I found that when I wrote things down, insights emerged that I never would have realized if I allowed all of those emotions and thoughts swirl around in my head. Maybe you want to journal more to explore your emotions surrounding a certain situation, relationship, or person. Perhaps it’s to expand your self-awareness or increase your self-love. All of the possible “why’s” you could come up with are immensely valuable, and all that truly matters is that you get clear on why it’s important and meaningful to you to follow through on this commitment.

2.    Treat Yourself to a Gorgeous Journal

Your journal should inspire you to pick it up every day. The exterior and aesthetic should be something that resonates with you – an uplifting quote, your favorite colors, a fun pattern… choose something that you LOVE! Remember that you will be sharing your innermost thoughts and that it’s a space for immense healing, plus refer back to your “why” – allow yourself to spend a little more than you normally would if that makes the difference between a journal you love and one that’s just “okay.”

3.    Journaling = Prayer

Start to think of journaling as a way to communicate your dreams, intentions, and desires with the universe! What is it that you want & why? By  moving these ideas and visions out of your physical body and writing them down, you are putting it out there! Remember: the universe doesn’t know “big” from “small,” according to quantum physics. So go BIG, and trust that the universe has heard you and is already making moves to support you in your ultimate bliss.

4.    Ask Questions & Receive Guidance

Explore your uncertainties & fears that hold you back from getting whatever it is that you truly want. Dig deep! Your journal is a private, safe place that provides you the opportunity to expand your awareness. When I am feeling confused or defeated, or holding on too tight and trying to control the situation, I ask the universe for guidance and support. I ask in the form of a question: “How will I call in the right women to work with me for Hippies In Heels” – and the answers always come. This helps me let go and reminds me that I’m not in this alone, and that the universe is conspiring with/for me. 

5.    Celebrate!

When you accomplish something amazing, don’t forget to celebrate! Ask yourself: Who have I become throughout this process? Why was it important for me to achieve this? What did I have to do to get to where I am now?  I’ve also created a list, in my journal, of free and paid activities that I can use to celebrate my successes! These include manicures, buying fresh flowers, cooking a beautiful meal, going to a new fitness class, blasting Broadway show tunes and singing/dancing along, getting a massage, meditating outside, and others.

6.    Express Gratitude

Choose one thing that you’re grateful for, and make a list of 5 reasons WHY you’re grateful for that thing/person.  Instead of writing 10 different reasons you’re grateful, delve deeper into one thing to really reap the benefits of your gratitude practice. Studies have shown this to be the most effective method for expressing gratitude.

7.    Create a Ritual

Put your journaling time in your calendar, and set reminders on your phone. Give yourself and space and time to really re-connect with yourself and the universe. Be good to yourself during this time – how does your “why” guide you to other journaling “add-ons,” like meditation, a nice cup of tea, lighting a candle, creating your schedule for the day, or taking a nice stroll outside. Be mindful to not over-commit here – make it do-able for yourself.

Like everything else, journaling is a habit. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it. Develop and nurture your relationship with your journal, just as you would with a dear friend. Would you stand her up for a lady-date?! No way! You may not realize how much you need to utilize this resource until you start doing it – this happens for me MOST days, actually! The art of journaling pulls out our innermost desires and exposes our areas of much-needed healing and growth.

I’d love for you to comment below and share with me how you plan to revise or begin your journaling practice in 2015! Can’t wait to get to play with you and bounce ideas around!

Love & Light,


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